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Size maps get turbocharged in Map Viewer Beta

Above-and-below styling, binary color schemes, rapid presets, and other enhancements have come to proportional symbol maps

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How to choose your map’s medium

Knowing how your map will be shared before you start mapping helps with important design decisions.

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Expand your storytelling horizons with explorer tour

This much-requested immersive block can feature up to 100 points on a map

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Blend Modes are here and they’re pretty awesome

Map Viewer Beta offers advanced color and blending controls for map layers to help you quickly create new visual effects.

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How to get the most from interactive maps

How much interactivity to include in your map is a central question in modern cartography.

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What is an express map and why should you use one?

Most story maps happen somewhere, here's how to add simple locator and distribution maps to your narratives

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Getting the most from animated maps

Maps that move can be a powerful star of the story, but knowing when to deploy them is key.

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To 3D or not to 3D?

Both 2D and 3D maps are great, but knowing when to use them—and why—is key.

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Smart Mapping Part 5: Tips and Tricks

Whenever possible, Smart Mapping aims to offload work from the map author to the machine. The goal is not to take control away from the a...

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