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Thematic Mapping 101: How to ask and answer questions in a map

Learn how to use different kinds of thematic maps in ArcGIS Online to explore your data, ask and answer questions, and tell your data's story.

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Next-Generation Heat Maps in Map Viewer: Better, faster, smoother, stronger

Heat maps now supports filtering, labeling, pop-ups, and greatly improved performance.

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New Charts and Charts & Size map styles help us make sense of all the numbers

Map Viewer adds much-requested maps of pie and donut charts

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Map Viewer introduces animated Flow renderer

Imagery data with magnitude and direction can now be visualized with animated flowlines and wavefronts

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Feature-Specific Effects: The next enhancement for Map Effects

Use Effects in Map Viewer to emphasize some features while de-emphasizing others.

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Highlighting Areas using Effects and Blending

Effects can create a spotlight to help frame an area of interest. This is Part 4 in an ongoing series on Effects.

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Effects + Vector Basemaps for the Win

Showcasing what Effects can do for Esri's vector basemaps. This is Part 3 in a on-going series.

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Enhancing Imagery basemaps with Layer Effects

How to get the most from the new Layer Effects in Map Viewer. This is Part 2 in a on-going series.

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Effects in Map Viewer

Apply effects to any layer in your map and bring Photoshop-like capabilities to webmaps in just a couple clicks.

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