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To 3D or not to 3D?

Both 2D and 3D maps are great, but knowing when to use them—and why—is key.

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Smart Mapping Part 5: Tips and Tricks

Whenever possible, Smart Mapping aims to offload work from the map author to the machine. The goal is not to take control away from the a...

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Smart Mapping Part 4: Pairing Data with Maps

There are many kinds of thematic maps and each is highly flexible in its design. This variety is a blessing because we can tell a seeming...

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Maps We Love: How to make great maps that engage and inspire

You don’t have to be a cartographer to know that maps are everywhere. The demand for maps has never been greater–most people use maps...

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Smart Mapping Part 3: Rounding classes for Color and Size drawing styles

(By Adelheid Freitag, ArcGIS Online development team) Esri’s smart mapping initiative helps to add professional touches to your maps...

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Smart Mapping Part 2: Making Better Size and Color Maps

In our first smart mapping blog we talked about how Esri has made it easier than ever for you to create attractive maps quickly and with...

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Introducing Smart Mapping

We want to introduce you to Smart Mapping, an exciting new capability built into the March 2015 update to ArcGIS Online and to the ArcG...

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