Heather Smith

Heather is a cartographer and artist who mixes both practices to express and understand landscapes. She writes and edits lessons for the Learn ArcGIS website. View more of her work at www.heathergabrielsmith.ca

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Make custom colors and color schemes in ArcGIS Pro

Two short videos about how to mix your own colors for maps.

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Make a custom legend in ArcGIS Pro

Communicate more clearly with your map by taking the legend past the defaults.

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How to choose your map’s medium

Knowing how your map will be shared before you start mapping helps with important design decisions.

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Mapping with purpose

Make better maps by defining your purpose, message, or intent.

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Take Your Work To Kids Day, Challenge 7: Connect-the-Dots

Download these maps and play connect-the-dots! Draw contour lines to make elevation maps of real places.

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Make a River Map

Cartography tutorial for ArcGIS Pro.

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Coordinate Systems: What’s the Difference?

Coordinate systems are fundamental knowledge for a GIS specialist. But there's so many confusing terms! Learn to differentiate between them.

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Projection on the fly and geographic transformations

How does ArcGIS draw your data in the right coordinate system?

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Geographic vs Projected Coordinate Systems

What's the difference between a GCS and a PCS?

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