Heather Smith

Heather is a cartographer and artist who mixes both practices to express and understand landscapes. She writes and edits lessons for the Learn ArcGIS website. View more of her work at www.heathergabrielsmith.ca

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A guide to ArcGIS Pro project packages (.ppkx files)

Why and how to make a project package. How to update a .ppkx file, reduce its file size, or undo changes.

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Bathymetric Blending

A tutorial for symbolizing ocean bathymetry data with blend modes.

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Pretty in pink part 3: Make a list widget

Configure a list widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder to guide users through your map.

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Pretty in pink part 2: Make an app

Use ArcGIS Experience Builder to create a fun wrapper for your map.

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Pretty in pink part 1: Make a map

Design an all-pink map in ArcGIS Online.

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Locator maps

Tips, tricks, and instructions for making great locator maps in ArcGIS Pro.

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15 tips for cartographers in ArcGIS Pro

Curved text, hatched fills, blending, masking, and more.

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Cartography checklists

Ask these questions throughout the map-making process to help you make the best map possible.

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Transformation warning: What does it mean and what should I do?

How to keep your coordinate systems in line in ArcGIS Pro.

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