Jill works as a Product Engineer in Development at Esri, where she designs and tests mapping features in ArcGIS Pro.

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Top 5 tips for configuring pop-ups in Pro 2.7

The top five tips for configuring a pop-up after recent functionality improvements seen in the last couple of releases of ArcGIS Pro.

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Using the procedural Cage symbol in ArcGIS Pro

The cage symbol is one of the more advanced procedural symbol examples included in ArcGIS Pro with many customizable properties available.

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Table Improvements in Pro 2.5

Several table improvements are in Pro 2.5: Decide where tables open, find and replace values, freeze columns, raster field images now in pop-ups.

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The Report Horizon: Reporting functionality has arrived!

Reporting functionality has arrived! Organize and sort rows, count and summarize fields - reports can reveal hidden trends in your data.

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The New and Improved Pro Pop-up

Beginning with ArcGIS Pro 2.2, pop-ups have a new look that includes new functionality.

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The Power of the Pro Pop-up

A pop-up is a quick way to identify attribute information about a particular feature in a map.  But why stop there when they can be functional!

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