Jian Lange

Jian Lange is a principal product manager with Esri’s Product Management team in Redlands, California. She is responsible for various aspects of ArcGIS Spatial Analysis products, including business planning, road maps, requirements, and management.

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R – ArcGIS News and Plans for 2017

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Using Join Features to make the most of your data

Join Features is a powerful new tool from ArcGIS Online (December 2016 update) that lets you transfer attributes from feature services or...

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New online training available on spatial interpolation using ArcGIS Pro

Recently we did a live online training seminar on Modeling the Unknown: Spatial Interpolation with ArcGIS Pro. During this seminar we ta...

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Creating thematic maps with hexagons in ArcGIS Online

The process of aggregating and summarizing point data into equal sized connected hexagons is called hexagonal binning. This has become in...

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Elevation and Hydrology Analysis with ArcGIS Online Live Training Seminar

Elevation analysis services, hosted by ArcGIS Online, are a new option for performing analyses that require elevation and hydrologic data...

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