Kristian Ekenes

Kristian is a Senior Product Engineer at Esri. His work focuses on data visualization and Arcade integration in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. His goal is to help developers be successful, efficient, and confident in building web applications with the JS API, especially when it comes to visualizing data. Prior to joining Esri he worked as a GIS Specialist for an environmental consulting company. He enjoys cartography, GIS analysis, and building GIS applications for genealogy.

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8 ways to style point clusters on the web

Learn the various ways you can customize the style of point clusters in web apps.

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Introducing new Arcade documentation

Learn about the new Arcade documentation pages and why making these changes was necessary for improving the experience of learning Arcade.

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How to create a custom Arcade profile

Learn how to create a custom Arcade profile and execute expressions in the context of a web app.

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Execute Arcade expressions on your terms

Have you ever wanted to run an Arcade script outside of a traditional Arcade profile? Now you can.

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I’m a developer. Do I really need Arcade?

Developers can already customize ArcGIS apps with almost any language. Learn why Arcade matters, and what you can do to leverage it in your apps.

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Binning now available in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Version 4.24 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript introduced client-side binning as a new feature reduction method for aggregating points.

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How to create heat maps that work at all scales

Heat maps are notoriously sensitive to scale. Learn four things you should consider when creating heat maps so they work across all scale levels.

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Heat maps now render faster and smoother in the browser

Heat maps in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript are now faster, smoother, and can render more data in the browser than ever before.

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Create a diversity map with Arcade

Learn how to map diversity by creating an index using ArcGIS Arcade.

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