Kristian Ekenes

Kristian Ekenes is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript team at Esri. His work focuses on mapping, visualization, and Arcade integration. Prior to joining Esri he worked as a GIS Specialist for an environmental consulting company. He enjoys cartography, GIS analysis, and building GIS applications for genealogy.

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Smart Mapping with Arcade: Visualizing predominance

Generate a predominance visualization in a web app using Smart Mapping in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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Smart Mapping with Arcade: Exploring relationships

Explore two attributes in a relationship visualization (bivariate choropleth) using the Smart Mapping relationship module.

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Smart Mapping with Arcade: Exploring age

Use the Smart Mapping renderer creator modules to build apps for exploring age in layers containing date fields.

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Generating Arcade expressions: what Smart Mapping does for you

New Smart Mapping modules generate Arcade expressions under the hood, allowing you to create complex visualizations with just a few lines of code

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Build web apps for exploring data in dynamic workspaces

With Smart Mapping, you can build data exploration web apps for layers created from dynamic workspaces.

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Turbo charge your web apps with client-side queries

Enhance the interactivity of data exploration web apps by allowing your users to query features already available on the client.

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Generate Arcade expressions for data exploration web apps

You don't need an expression builder to take advantage of Arcade as a developer. You can generate expressions in behalf of your users.

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Add power and context to your web apps with LayerList panels

LayerList panels allow you to add custom content for each layer, including HTML elements and widgets, providing interactivity to your web apps.

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Build 3D web apps with your 2D data

Are you reluctant to build 3D web apps because you don't have 3D data? Look no further than the 2D data sources already available to you.

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