Keith VanGraafeiland

Keith is a Product Engineer at Esri. He serves as the Ocean Curator for the Living Atlas of the World team. Keith works to create foundational layers that can help marine researchers, scientists, and others gain a better understanding of our oceans.

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Creating NetCDF files for Analysis and Visualization in ArcGIS

Use python to transform your data set into netCDF files. Use the ArcGIS platform to perform multidimensional analysis or create visualizations.

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Configuring Time in ArcGIS Online

Configuring time settings in ArcGIS Online through the admin console

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Don’t Let Your Content Go Stale!

Don't Let Your Content Go Stale!

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Monitor Coral Bleaching Around the World in Real-Time

New data and apps from the Living Atlas and NOAA provide updated information on coral bleaching conditions around the world.

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Calculating extent and coverage for Bathymetry Data

This blog covers a workflow to generate polygon footprints for bathymetry data from which surface area can be calculated.

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The Base of the Food Chain: Mapping Chlorophyll

Subtle changes in chlorophyll-a signify various types and quantities of marine phytoplankton (microscopic marine plants).

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An Ocean of Temperature Data

Using the Sea Surface Temperature services in the Living Atlas to analyze changes over space and time

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It’s World Hydrography Day – Dive into “The Ocean”

June 21st, 2016 marks the 11th year anniversary of World Hydrography Day!  World Hydrography Day (WHD) focuses on giving suitable publi...

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New Enhancements to Ocean Content in the Living Atlas of the World

New enhancements to Ocean Content in the Living Atlas of the WorldThe Living Atlas team is excited about the most recent ocean content re...

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