Tanu Hoque

Tanu is a product engineer on Esri Mapping Team focusing on map service, print service, and ArcGIS Pro. He also works on spatio-temporal analysis, spatial aggregation and real-time data. Tanu’s background includes a masters in Urban Planning from University of Akron, Ohio, USA and a bachelor degree from Khulna University, Bangladesh, and worked as GIS Coordinator in City of West Springfield, and GIS Specialist in a hydrology modeling center in Bangladesh before joining Esri.

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Dynamic Aggregate Points within Polygon Features for Exploratory Analysis

Explore data patterns by aggregating points to geographic or political boundaries for better decision making.

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Transform Dynamically Aggregated Time Series Results into Polygons in ArcGIS

Use Thiessen polygons to transform dynamically aggregated time series results from point features to any geographical or political boundaries.

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Dynamic Spatiotemporal Exploratory Analysis with Aggregated Results Using Time Series Data in ArcGIS

Display features with aggregated results such as total or moving or rolling averages etc. from time series data.

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Spatial Analysis with Real-Time Data in ArcGIS Pro 2.4

Real-time spatial analysis using ArcGIS Pro SDK

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Geofencing with Real-Time Data in ArcGIS Pro 2.4

Geofencing and notifications or alerts using Real-time API in ArcGIS Pro

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ArcGIS Pro 2.4 Allows Real-Time Analysis

Perform real-time exploratory and spatial analysis using ArcGIS Pro SDK

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Scale dependent multiple datasources for a single feature layer

A single feature layer with scale dependent datasources to create multi-level-geography map to understand an issue nationally and locally.

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Visualize and analyze real time data in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 with stream layers

ArcGIS Pro introduced stream layer to allow users visualize and analyze data or events at real time.

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Play back flight data using time slider and query layer in ArcGIS Pro

This article shows how a query layer with database functions can used to replay archived location data collected at irregular intervals.

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