Michael Dangermond

Michael Dangermond has over 25 years experience in GIS in such diverse fields as cartography, agriculture, international boundary delineation, environmental protection, regional planning, park planning, land and wildlife conservation, and forestry. He has been working for ESRI since 2010.

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Changing Hydrology: Calculating Impervious Surface Change

Learn how to use raster functions in ArcGIS Pro and definition queries to calculate the difference between two dates in a time enabled layer.

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Changing Hydrology: Keeping Track of Impervious Surfaces

A new service in the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World provides a time-enabled view of changes in impervious surfaces in the United States.

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USGS Releases New Maps of Protected Areas in the United States

A series of maps provide simplified access to detailed analyses of the protected areas of the United States via Living Atlas.

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Time-Enabled Croplands Reveal the Rhythms of American Agriculture

For the first time, a time-enabled map of croplands in the United States is available in the Living Atlas

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Lava Flow Direction Successfully Predicted By ArcGIS

The path taken by lava flows followed the line ArcGIS had traced downstream from the fissure.

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Which Way Will the Lava Flow?

Which way will the lava coming from Hawaii's fissures flow? Do these flows have the potential to cut access to the eastern part of the island?

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Working With Soil Data from the Living Atlas in ArcGIS Pro

Have you ever intended to use soil data in your desktop software, read the soil manuals, then decided you can live without it because it'...

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The National Land Cover Database in the Living Atlas

Need some land cover data or maps in your project? Simply connect to the 2014 revision of the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) through...

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Intelligent Maps Checklist: Thematic Image Services

Have you ever made a checklist for yourself to ensure that your thematic image service is not missing anything? No? Good news, we've don...

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