Matt Miller

Matt is a documentation product engineer livingin Zurich, Switzerland. He joined Esri in 2014 and works with the CityEngine and Scene Viewer teams.

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What’s new in Scene Viewer with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6

With the release of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6, we are pretty excited to bring you a host of new features to Scene Viewer. With these new fea...

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Point cloud smart mapping in 3D with Scene Viewer

Today, I want to discuss how you can use Scene Viewer to style and configure point clouds directly in your browser, interactively, and in...

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CityEngine 2017.1 release highlights

With the new CityEngine 2017.1, we worked hard to bring you new features that will meaningfully impact how you work and take your 3D mod...

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CityEngine 2017.0 is released!

With the CityEngine 2017.0 release, we've added many cool and exciting new features, such as scenarios with customizable dashboards, Loca...

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What's new in Scene Viewer in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1

The release of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 introduces many new exciting features to Scene Viewer that can help you create striking and compe...

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CityEngine unveils mobile Virtual Reality solution

July 2017 Update We are proud to release a new version of ArcGIS 360 VR. The ArcGIS 360 VR app allows you to quickly immerse yourself in...

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Get started with the Scene Viewer lesson

In November, we added an exciting new lesson for the scene viewer that will take you to the coastline of Palm Beach County, Florida. You ...

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CityEngine 2016.1 released

With the CityEngine 2016.1 release, we've added many cool new features such as an OpenStreetMap-ready rule set, revised Inspector with fa...

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Scene Viewer Tip: Daylight

Continuing with our Scene Viewer tips and trick series, with the latest release of ArcGIS Online, we are going to focus on one of the coo...

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