Manushi Majumdar

Product Engineer - Applied Data Science with ArcGIS API for Python (previously ArcGIS Hub). Or in other words, a (Data, Maps, Analyses, Python, Books) Nerd.

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Exploratory text analysis of comments from surveys

Do you want to quickly understand the text comments in your survey form responses without having to read through them all? Our post shows you how

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Identify relationships and patterns in civic data

Week 3 of ArcGIS Hub's Civic Analytics notebooks series where we walk through notebooks demonstrating correlation and clustering

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Proximity based spatial analysis of civic data

Week 2 of ArcGIS Hub's Civic Analytics notebook series where we use spatial analysis tools to answer questions about our local region with data.

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Introduction to Spatial and Temporal analysis of Civic Data

Learn how to make sense of the spatial and temporal attributes in civic data From ArcGIS Hub using Python

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Introducing Civic Analytics with ArcGIS Hub

Learn more about analysis and data science with civic data available in Hub and an invitation to join Hub's new Civic Analytics community

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Introducing ArcGIS Hub Python API for Sites

ArcGIS Hub's Python API now supports working with your Sites in ArcGIS Hub or Enterprise

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Spatial Data Science Solution for Vision Zero

On December 1st 2017, I had the opportunity to present at Carto's first Spatial Data Science Conference in Brooklyn, NY. About 20 pract...

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