Noora Golabi

Noora is a product writer with a background in Geography and GIS. Working from Ottawa, Canada, she focuses on writing documentation and creating resources for ArcGIS Dashboards and ArcGIS Online. In her free time, she's often baking, exploring the outdoors, and pretending like she enjoys running.

Posts by this author
Give more context to your dashboard with selection-based display

Learn how dashboards can be created to show only the most relevant information to users.

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Improve your extent-based filtering in ArcGIS Dashboards

Learn how you can use other elements to spatially filter your data in ArcGIS Dashboards.

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Displaying time spans with Arcade in dashboards

Learn how to leverage Arcade to calculate time spans in your dashboard's list elements with ArcGIS Dashboards.

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Conditional formatting in dashboard indicators with Arcade

Use conditional formatting to provide context to your dashboard indicators using Arcade in ArcGIS Dashboards.

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Communicating status with icons using Arcade in Dashboards

Use conditional icons to communicate status on your dashboards using Arcade expressions in ArcGIS Dashboards.

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Support for percentile statistics in ArcGIS Dashboards

Use percentiles to measure and visualize key metrics in your dashboards.

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Choosing the right colors for your dashboard

Start thinking about the importance of color choices for your dashboard to help create more meaningful visualizations.

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