Raúl Jiménez Ortega

Developer on the Developer Experience (DX) team, looking for ways to improve the DX through better educational resources, developer tools, and community support among other things.

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Developer credentials: What’s new and improved

This article will guide you through the updates, their implications, and provide essential information to help you adjust to this new experience.

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What’s new in Esri Developers June 2024

This article provides an overview of the changes we introduced in the latest release to improve your developer experience with ArcGIS.

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Coming up: ArcGIS Maps SDK for Flutter beta release

We’re excited to share the key timings and events about the upcoming ArcGIS Maps SDK for Flutter Maps beta release!

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Lessons Learned from our Hacktoberfest Contributors

Summaries and takeaways of the interviews we conducted with our Hacktoberfest 2023 contributors.

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Join Hacktoberfest 2023: Celebrate Open Source with Us!

Join us this October 2023 for the world's largest open source event, Hacktoberfest!

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Why Attend Developer Conferences

Learn about the benefits of attending developer events and why you should consider submitting a proposal for a talk or workshop.

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Join us for a live discussion: What’s new in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, v4.25

Join us on Tuesday, November 29th at 9am PST for a livestream discussion on what's new in version 4.25 of the JS API!

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A new video experience for developers

Learn more about the new Esri Developers YouTube channel, the Developers gallery on mediaspace.esri.com, and more.

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Live discussion: What’s New in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript v4.24

Join us on Tuesday, June 28th for a livestream of new features in version 4.24 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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