Rebecca Lehman

Rebecca finds innovative ways to leverage technology in addressing social and environmental problems. She works with nonprofits and local goverments to create sustainable solutions. She has a masters degree in Environmental Management from the Yale school of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

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Hunger Heroes

How GIS is enabling food banks to serve more people and relieve administrative workflows.

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A global sustainability report card

The 2020 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is now available in ArcGIS Living Atlas.

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New Data Collection Available: COVID-19 Health, Racial, and Economic Equity

A new collection of geographic data is available to help guide decisions around health, racial, and economic equity during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Planning a Racially Equitable COVID-19 Recovery

Governments and organizations are moving from response to recovery. Here we describe ways GIS can aid in a racially equitable COVID-19 recovery.

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Community Engagement for Racial Equity During COVID-19

GIS can be used to promote community engagement for racial equity during COVID-19.

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Use ArcGIS Dashboards to Increase Racial Equity in Your COVID-19 Response

Gain guidance to use ArcGIS Dashboards to see racial inequities at a glance and increase racial equity in your COVID-19 response.

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Analyze Racial Inequity During COVID-19

In this article, we will review GIS tools that can be used to analyze racial inequity during COVID-19.

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Racially Equitable COVID-19 Response Using GIS

Racially equitable COVID-19 responses are critical to identifying and supporting the most at risk, and GIS can help.

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How the Transit Safety Solution is Changing Phoenix

Transit agencies can use Locaiton Intelligence to improve transit safety.

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