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ArcGIS Desktop Virtualization Appliance is available!

The ArcGIS Desktop Virtualization Appliance is available.

ArcGIS Desktop Virtualization Appliance

More companies and organizations are starting to virtualize ArcGIS Pro. Many of these initial projects are proof-of-concepts sponsored by corporate IT departments. I am getting emails and calls asking questions on required hardware, hypervisor configuration and expected density.

The ArcGIS for Desktop Virtualization Appliance helps provide a preconfigured virtualization server that helps companies and organizations to quickly virtualize ArcGIS Pro.  ArcGIS for Desktop Virtualization Appliance also provides a clear description of the hardware and configuration needed when planning to integrate ArcGIS Pro into existing virtualization environments.  Esri collaborated with NVIDIA, Dell, and VMware to provide this well-tested single “box” solution.

It can be ordered directly through Esri at esri.com/hardware.

The ArcGIS for Desktop Virtualization Appliance was showcased at the Esri User Conference to thousands of GIS professionals. It was configured with VMware vSphere 6.0, Horizon View, and 2 NVIDIA GRID K2 GPUs. This appliance is based on a Dell Precision Rack 7910 and takes advantage of vGPU technology, the hardware sharing of the GPU, to achieve greater density while delivering a workstation-class user experience. This appliance is an excellent solution for delivering ArcGIS Pro in a virtualized environment.

The Esri Performance Engineering team has run extensive tests to confirm performance, user experience, and the VM/GPU density of ArcGIS Pro on this platform. The tests included a GPU-intensive 3D test, which showed the appliance can support 12–16 concurrent ArcGIS Pro Virtual Machines.

The Dell 7910 Precision Rack Server includes:

The ArcGIS for Desktop Virtualization Appliance is able to support up to 16 Virtual Machines running ArcGIS Pro while delivering an excellent user experience using the K240Q GRID profile. Each VM will be configured with the following:

The ArcGIS for Desktop Virtualization Appliance is an all-in-one package that takes care of a lot of the configuration details and questions associated with virtualizing ArcGIS Pro.

It is available now and can be ordered directly through Esri at esri.com/hardware.

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