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ArcGIS Imagery and Remote Sensing Update

This has been a very busy month for the ArcGIS Imagery and Remote Sensing team at Esri.  If you’ve been a fan of Esri imagery technology for a while, you’ll realize we’ve modified the name.  Yes, we have renamed our team from ‘Imagery’ to ‘Imagery and Remote Sensing’.  Why, you ask?  Well, with our new support for scientific data formats (GRIB, netCDF, HDF), this throws the doors open wide to incorporate our ArcGIS imagery technology (like our 100s of imagery analysis tools) with remotely sensed data.  You’ll find several ArcGIS blogs on the new support for scientific data.  Support for this type of data is important, because scientists worldwide are using data stored in these formats to study and understand complex problems like climate change.

In addition, there are some new resources available for you.

We launched a new Imagery & Remote Sensing GeoNet space this week to foster better communication with our growing community and the Esri imagery team.  We hope this helps you develop your network, and provides more than just another place for technical support.  My goal is to try to make this space both informative and fun!

We’ve also redesigned our Imagery and Remote Sensing web pages, which link to our Blog, GeoNet web site, online imagery and remotely sensed content, and information on managing Imagery with ArcGIS.  This site also includes 3 animations showing off some of the analysis capabilities in our software.  Over the next few months we’ll be building out the analysis and management sections, to make it easier for you to get started with our imagery technology.

If you’re going to the Esri UC, then you probably already know that multiple teams at Esri have been busy non-stop putting together one of the most comprehensive (and awesome) imagery schedules ever.  All the activities start on Saturday with the 3D Forum and Imagery Social, and continue throughout the week.  Check the agenda online for the complete agenda for Imagery @ UC and session room information.

Imagery @ UC Highlights

While at the Esri UC, I hope you stop by the Imagery Island on the showcase floor.  We have a rocking team of experts assembled this year and over 11 different, really cool demos they’d like to share with you.  (impervious surface, land use, avalanche analysis, scientific data, contouring, using imagery over the web, pixel filtering, etc.)  Whether you are a beginner, or have your degree in remote sensing, we have people at this island who can show you how using the ArcGIS imagery technology will move your projects from concepts to completion.

See you at Esri UC…or on GeoNet!

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