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ArcGIS Pro Virtualization at the 2017 UC

Next week at the 2017 Esri User Conference there will be an area dedicated to ArcGIS Pro virtualization. The Virtualization Island will be adjacent to the ArcGIS Pro Island and is focused exclusively on how to virtualize ArcGIS Pro both on-premises and in the cloud.

When you visit the Virtualization Island you will learn exactly what it takes to virtualize ArcGIS Pro, what hardware and virtualization technology is needed and why.

At the Virtualization Island you will see the great user experience that is possible when virtualizing ArcGIS Pro in a number of well-designed and optimized virtualization environments. The on-premises virtualization environments include VMWare  vSphere 6.5 with both VMware  and Citrix XenDesktop VMs.  The cloud environments include AWS Workspace Graphics Bundles, Azure NV-Series 6, and Frame.

At the Virtualization Island we will have two Cisco C240s and four Cisco M200 blades to support on-premises virtualization. The C240 graphics capability is powered by Nvidia Tesla M60s and the B200 blades each have a Nvidia Tesla M6.

You will not only see the great user experience but will also be able to try Pro in these environments. You can use ArcGIS Pro with a variety of data, 2D and 3D, including

ArcGIS Pro in Frame

A common and very important question is “how many ArcGIS Pro VMs can be put on a specific server configuration?”. We will demo the VM/server density that is possible in these environments. The density demos include 12, 20 and 31 VMs concurrently on a Cisco C240, and we will monitor the hardware and virtualization metrics.  Those demos will be at the Virtualization Island at:

Special Note: The ArcGIS Pro System Requirements page will be updated showing  both AWS Graphics Bundle Workspaces and Azure NV-Series 6 VMs as officially supported environments.

Nvidia, a User Conference Gold sponsor will have a large booth on the Showcase floor. They will also demo ArcGIS Pro in a VMware environment running on a Dell R730 powered by two Tesla M60s.

We hope to see you next week with all of your ArcGIS Pro virtualization questions.

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