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Driving ArcGIS Earth 1.0 beta with the Keyboard

ArcGIS Earth
ArcGIS Earth

Following up on my previous blog post about Mouse Navigation in ArcGIS Earth 1.0 beta, I’d like to share some information about how you can drive Earth using the Keyboard.

Like most applications, users can TAB around the interface and ENTER will activate most of the capability, though we still have a few things to iron out.  Navigating the viewport is actually pretty functional using the keyboard and the keys closely map to the ArcGIS Pro key commands.

Here are the relevant commands to keep in mind:

Here’s another brief video in which I attempt to navigate by keyboard and speak at the same time:

If you haven’t downloaded Earth yet, the beta is available here. ┬áLet us know what else we can share to help you learn about ArcGIS Earth!

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