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Let your maps live in 3D!

Wish you could see your maps in 3D? Only one problem. No 3D data. Well that’s not a problem with the scene viewer. The built-in scene viewer on ArcGIS Online, has all the tools necessary to change your 2D maps into 3D scenes. You can take the 2D data from maps you created in ArcMap, ArcScene, and ArcGIS Pro and view them in 3D using a desktop web browser.  No plugins. No installs. And here is the beautiful part: you don’t need 3D data. The scene viewer can create 3D terrains of your basemaps and align your data right to the earth!

create a scene

Use the same basemaps and navigation tools you’re already accustomed to using in the map viewer. Watch the create a scene video to see how quickly you can harness the power of 3D.   Then start experiencing and visualizing the 3D world by creating your own scenes and sharing them with your organization and the public.

Let your maps live in 3D!

About the author

Matt is a product engineer living in Zurich, Switzerland. He joined Esri R&D Center Zurich in 2014 and has a passion for 3D! He currently works with the CityEngine and Scene Viewer teams.

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