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The R-ArcGIS bridge was recently featured in the live training seminar, Go Deeper with Data Analytics Using ArcGIS Pro and R. The topics covered included, how to easily transfer data between ArcGIS Pro and R, an open-source programming language for statistical analysis, and how to access R’s powerful statistical functions from within ArcGIS Pro. This functionality of the bridge allows you to perform an analysis unique to R in complement with ArcGIS tools, and enables streamlined workflows and simple sharing of advanced workflows. Additionally, R users were shown how they can use the bridge to easily access geospatial data and to take advantage of the advanced visualizations and geoprocessing capabilities of ArcGIS Pro.

This seminar is freely available for all to view until September 30th. Additionally, all the resources used in the seminar have been made available for you to access and to learn from. These materials can be found by navigating to the GitHub home page for the R-ArcGIS Community and clicking on the r-sample-tools box.  It is here that you will find the data, scripts, and some documentation for the live training seminar.

For those looking for extra examples, additional sample scripts and data to be used with the bridge for tools like model based clustering and semiparametric regression can also be found here. In addition to tools created and shared by the R-ArcGIS bridge user community for others to use and learn from. We are always excited to feature community contributions to the R-ArcGIS bridge project, so as you create your own script tools, consider contributing to the GitHub project for the bridge for others to benefit from as well.

Finally, if you are considering getting started working with the bridge for the first time, check out our new installation instruction videos for your current version of ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap.

ArcGIS Pro 2.0+

ArcGIS Pro 1.1-1.4.1

ArcMap 10.3.1+

We hope you enjoy and happy bridging!

This blog article is provided by Marjean Pobuda. Marjean is a product engineer with Esri’s Spatial Statistics team. Questions for Marjean can be sent to:

About the author

Marjean Pobuda is a Product Engineer for the Spatial Statistics Team at Esri. She enjoys all things statistics and working on the R-ArcGIS Bridge.

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