Share Your Thoughts: Enterprise Geodatabase Support in Insights for ArcGIS

Fellow Insights for ArcGIS users, we want to hear from you!

In the 2.1 release of Insights for ArcGIS we are happy to report that it is now possible to connect to a database that has an enterprise geodatabase and add registered geodatabase tables to a workbook. Note however, support is limited to simple feature classes and attribute tables only. Additionally, Insights does not work directly with file and personal geodatabases.

That said, we know that you require more.

As a continued effort to improve the product and get you the insights you need (pun intended), we want to hear your wants and needs around geodatabases. For example, do you want to make use of existing relationships and domains?

Influence future capabilities of geodatabases within Insights. Leave us your comments below.

Thanks in advance,

Mallory Delgadillo, Doug Cochran, and The Insights Development Team

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