What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (June 2017)

Checkout our new product logo? Pretty snazzy eh? The new icon reflects the idea of a moving gear, the 3 shapes that surround the central white hexagon gives a sense of rotational movement and their protruding ends appear to extend a bit from the central shape like gear teeth. We feel this promotes the concept of a spinning ‘widget’ that powers your web apps built on Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

Pop culture side note: The logo’s gear teeth when connected to other gears creates motion, which, when arranged in a certain way resembles a “fidget spinner”. FYI “fidget spinners” are trending and very popular right now (those of you with kids will know what we’re talking about).

Let’s checkout what’s new in this “summer 2017” update.

8 new widgets
This release includes 8 new core widgets, which provides some great new functionality in Web AppBuilder. Several were contributed by the Esri Solutions Team – so you may already be familiar with some of these capabilities.

Simply click a location on the map and its spatial coordinates will display in the coordinate systems selected in the widget.

One new widget was added for 3D web apps,

New Dashboard theme
The new theme displays all the widgets in the panel simultaneously when the app starts. It is designed to visualize widgets and their communication directly. You can modify the predefined layout by adding, removing, or resizing the grids in the panel. By default, most on-screen widgets are turned off except for the Home and Zoom Slider widgets. Optionally, you can turn on the Header widget to display the logo, the app name, and links.

Widget Enhancements

General Enhancements

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements to Web AppBuilder and see you at the Esri UC!!

The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Dev team

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Derek is a Senior Product Manager working on ArcGIS Monitor. Based in the Esri Redlands, CA office, he's involved with requirements gathering, software development, and product marketing. Follow on Twitter/X: @GIS_Bandit | Mastodon: ) Bluesky:

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