Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.1 Developer Edition Now Available!

We had a very busy 2016 Esri User Conference in San Diego last month, where we met with many folks from the Web AppBuilder user community. Since the conference, the team has worked hard to complete the release of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.1 Developer Edition, which is now available from the ArcGIS Developers Site.

This release includes the new capabilities that were added to Web AppBuilder embedded in ArcGIS Online in the recent June 2016 update. For details, please see this blog post.

We would like to highlight the Filter Widget – which enables you to filter features based on an expression. Other widgets will honor the filter settings if applicable. These widgets include:
– Read only: Analysis, Chart, Geoprocessing, Group Filter, Print, Query, and Search. Read only means that the widget reads and respects the filter setting on a layer only when it runs. Filter changes do not automatically cause the widget to update.
– Read & Listen: Attribute Table, InfoSummary, Summary, and Time Slider. For these widgets, they will always keep synchronization changes with filter changes.

This release provides more options for developers such as:
– Support for feature actions – code that executes on one feature or a set of features when requested;
– The addition of several new classes: FeatureActionManager, SelectionManager, FilterManager, and FeatureSetChooserForSingleLayer; which are documented in the API Reference section.

We’ve also added several new tutorial samples to help you learn how to:
–  Create a new theme
–  Create a new panel
–  Create a new layout widget
–  Create a new controller widget
–  Create a feature action in your widget

Lastly, we’ve updated the version of node.js included with Developer Edition to the 4.4.7 release.

For the very active Web AppBuilder user community (FYI: the Web AppBuilder Custom Widgets space on GeoNet is one of the top 3 communities.), we hope you like the new Developer Edition release.

The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Dev team

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