Capturing and Sharing Location Information - Simplified with the Business Analyst Mobile App

The wait is over – On the go data capturing in the Business Analyst (BA) Mobile App is here! Whether you are visiting a potential investment property or a location for putting a new urgent care clinic, gathering information about locations in the field is now at your fingertips.

With the Business Analyst Mobile App, you have always been able to do basic screening of locations by generating key facts, reports, and benchmark comparisons and sharing them across the Business Analyst system. With this mobile app update for iOS [Update 10/2/2017: This update is now available for Android as well.], you get added functionality of capturing location information and photos in the field and easily access them in the Business Analyst Web and Desktop Apps. Get the mobile app on iOS and Android today.

Capture Pictures, Site Attributes, and Field Observations

Open the Business Analyst Mobile App and add locations in your own project or a project shared with your office staff:

Seamlessly Sync Information to the Business Analyst Web App

Access the information captured using the BA Mobile App across the BA System. No data upload or export needed!

For example, let’s say you are putting together a grant application for a healthier community project. You are analyzing the impact of existing and proposed new farmers market locations. You can visit these locations, use the Business Analyst Mobile App, and gather the information needed for the project such as:

Then do a suitability analysis using this data in the Business Analyst Web App and provide a better data-driven justification in your grant application.

Get Market Snapshot for Locations Globally

The existing capability of accessing facts about a location continues to get better. You can easily evaluate sites or neighborhoods around the world on the go. If you are in Australia, Kenya, Croatia, Japan or 135+ countries globally, you can access demographic facts and reports and share them with your team.

Leverage a redefined Business Analyst Mobile App and make your field visits more productive.

Get Started on iOS and Android today.


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