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Announcing Explorer for ArcGIS Beta

UPDATE: This beta program has concluded. Explorer for ArcGIS 17.1.0 on iOS has been releasedRead the announcement.

The Android beta of Explorer for ArcGIS is currently available for testing, see this post on GeoNet: Android Explorer Beta: Signup and Install Info

We are very excited to announce that the next generation of Explorer for ArcGIS is available in beta on the iOS platform today and will be coming to Android this spring!

Where are we now?

Executives and decision makers use Explorer to see where their assets are and brief others on future plans. Residents are discovering city planning initiatives, new trails, and recreational sites through maps published by ArcGIS organizations and made available on City websites. 

Where are we headed?

We are bringing Explorer to the field where it can be used by engineers, project managers, and service technicians that need all of their asset and project data online and offline. We’re also providing new capabilities to markup those maps and share the markup with others in the field or people back to the office.

For those executives and decision makers using Explorer today, their maps just get better. Not only can they take them on the road with them, but the visual quality of the maps is dramatically improved with support for labeling, vector tiles and smart map rendering.

Some of the highlights include:

For a complete list, see details on our Geonet post here.

How do I join the beta program and get started?

This is an open beta program but we will need to provide you access to the app and really need your feedback so we ask you to:

  1. Email with your contact information and the platform you would be interested in beta testing (iOS or Android). iOS users will be able to get started with the beta today, while Android users will get access when the app is ready in March.
  2. Join our Beta GeoNet Group. Here you will learn how to take advantage of the new capabilities like packaging an offline map and creating/sharing markup and you can share your feedback and learn from others in the beta community.

What are the release plans?

We are moving fast! We are planning to release these exciting new capabilities in time for the 2017 Esri Users Conference (July 10-14). Between now and then, we will push a number of beta drops starting now with the iOS platform and then this spring we will release a beta on Android platform.

This is your opportunity to help craft the next generation of Explorer, and our development team would love to work directly with you on this exciting new release so please come and join us!!

If you are attending the Dev Summit in Palm Springs be sure to attend the “Explorer for ArcGIS Sneak Peak” session to hear from the dev team and find out more about what’s coming with Explorer.
Explorer for ArcGIS Sneak Peak – Tues March 7th 2:30-3:30pm in Mesquite G-H

Explorer Team

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Chris LeSueur is a Product Manager with the Apps Team in Redlands, California.

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