Explorer for ArcGIS (iOS) v17.1.1 released

After receiving considerable feedback from the 17.1.0 release, we have updated Explorer for ArcGIS on the iOS platform with a strategic bug fix update. Thank you very much for all that have participated in the Test Flight beta for this update. You can now install the final, released version directly from the Apple App Store.

This update includes the following:

We have started work on the 17.1.2 release as well, with intention to bring a number of additional fixes and strategic updates very soon. The current proposed list of updates includes the following:

NOTE: The 17.1.2 list is tentative and may change as we get closer to release.


Explorer Team


Jeff Shaner is a Product Lead with the software dev team at Esri, filling the backlog of development for Apps within the ArcGIS platform.


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