Collector for ArcGIS on Windows 10 is now available!

We are excited to announce that Collector for ArcGIS on the Windows 10 platform is now available in the Windows Store. Now organizations can collect and revise data in the field, take maps offline, and monitor work progress on the platform of their choice: Windows, Android, or iOS.

Besides including all of Collector’s standard features, this release also incorporates a few Windows 10 specific enhancements. For example, the app can run in either desktop or tablet mode so you can work side-by-side with other business applications. This release also includes support for existing enterprise authentication and authorization architectures.

Look out for more enhancements for Collector, including support for Windows 10 Mobile, to be released next year. In the meantime, continue to send us your ideas and stories at

Collector for ArcGIS on the Windows 10 platform is available!

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