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ArcGIS Earth 1.7 is Now Available

We are excited to announce that ArcGIS Earth 1.7 is now available. Earth 1.7 takes advantage of ArcGIS refined Runtime architecture, improving Earth’s quality, performance, and stability. Users will notice major performance improvements, including:

One of our key design themes for Earth is ease of use. We are making the startup experience for first time users as easy as possible. Administrators can simply customize these default Startup criteria based on the needs of their organization,  by modifying the HTML files in the tips folder located in Earth’s installation directory.

Earth 1.7 also improved the ability to identify and display metadata and attribute information for map services, image services, as well as WMS services on the globe. Note that Earth has additional capabilities for imagery as users can control opacity, brightness, contrast, gamma controls, and transparency without having to change the source data.

ArcGIS Earth can use a variety of data from ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, and web services.  Earth can also run disconnected and users can add and view local file data from their computer. These  can be in the form of shapefiles, kmls, txt or csv, scene layer packages, 3D models as well as Raster files.  With each release we are expanding data types and in 1.7 additional raster types have been included, they are:

Earth also continues its support for open data and 1.7 adds new  functionality for OGC WMS and WMTS including:

Menu operations for KML sublayers include zoom to layer, expand all, and collapse all. Users can now support brightness, contrast, and gamma appearance settings for ArcGIS dynamic map services. Some of the additional features include:

ArcGIS Earth is secure and easily deployable across large organizations. Anyone can use ArcGIS Earth to aggregate, visualize and share multiple types of spatial content including KML in a free, lightweight and easy to use desktop client.

We have had incredible participation for 1.7 beta from the Early Adopter Community with thousands of users providing feedback, please keep them coming!

Check out the ArcGIS Earth Web Page to learn more and download the latest release ArcGIS Earth 1.7!



Darron is Product Manager for ArcGIS Earth, LocateXT and Situational Awareness Products

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