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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS Now Available

Activity Dashboard for ArcGISQuickly View Activity-Based Metrics and Real-Time Reports

Ever wonder how many web maps were created in your organization today, or how many services were registered and shared this week? Do you want to compare activity and use from this month with that from last month? Ever thought that it would be nice to see a quick snapshot of how many users are publishers, or how many users logged into the platform today? Do you know how many collaboration and sharing groups you have in your organization?

Many of you, our WebGIS users, have asked for an easy way to discover and view answers to these questions and many more.  You told us you’d like better insight into how the online mapping platform is used across your organization. Today, Esri Labs released the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS, a free JavaScript web application that works with your online mapping platform to provide reports and information detailing activities related to items, users, and groups.

Reports about Items: Items are the heart of the geospatial content management system. Item reports illustrate how users are creating, using and sharing geographic content. Quickly visualize summary reports about maps, layers, files, apps and tools. Discover who the top contributors are in your organization and get immediate feedback on the geographic extent of the items.

Reports about Users: Your online mapping platform makes it easy for everyone in your organization to participate, collaborate and disseminate valuable information products. User reports help you understand the status of your online mapping platform users and their activities in the system. Aggregate counts of users, accounts by type and other key user reports will help organization administrators achieve a new level of awareness about the use of the mapping platform.

Reports about Groups: Geography and maps enable and encourage collaboration across and within organizations. Group reports provide a sense of these active collaborations by users of the mapping platform.

A couple important things to note about this app:

The Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS app does not duplicate or supersede usage reports already available in the core administrator experience of ArcGIS Online. This app provides additional activity reports meant to compliment and extend the existing usage reports.

In this current release, available in the ArcGIS Marketplace, the app allows account administrators to login and get a holistic view of the activities and use of the platform across the organization.  A future update will allow any named user to log into the app and view activity reports that their account has access to. Additionally, we are actively working to bring the Activity Dashboard to deployments of Portal for ArcGIS in an upcoming release.

We are working hard to integrate these and other activity and use reports into the core ArcGIS Online web site and are interested in your feedback and recommendations.  To make it easy for you to let us do that, we have included a feedback tool into the footer section of the dashboard app that you will notice after you login.  Please use the in-app feedback feature or the ArcGIS Ideas website to send us your recommendations and thoughts.

Visit the ArcGIS Marketplace today to add the free Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS app to your organization and discover new insights into your online mapping platform.

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