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Try the new features planned for upcoming ArcGIS Online updates

ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community

Would you like to try the features planned for upcoming ArcGIS Online updates? ArcGIS Online users can by joining the ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community (EAC). EAC members have access to an ArcGIS Online testing environment. Within the environment you can try upcoming features, test compatibility with your existing workflows, influence product development, and engage with the ArcGIS Online development team and the EAC community. The community includes ArcGIS Online users around the world who support a variety of industries.


Benefits of joining

See what’s coming: Four times a year ArcGIS Online is updated to include new features, capabilities, and improvements. Many improvements are inspired by ideas from ArcGIS Online users and are highly anticipated. Satisfy your curiosity with early access to what’s new.

Prepare for change: Early access to what’s coming gives you time to try and adjust to new features, capabilities, and interfaces. You can also test new functionality in your exiting workflows. EAC members have access to documentation to help learn and implement what’s new across their organizations.

Interact with the ArcGIS Online team: Engage with the ArcGIS Online development team and community members by sharing your thoughts on the new functionality. By sharing feedback, you can influence product development, highlight specific workflows, and improve ArcGIS Online.


Guidelines for participating

In addition to being a fun opportunity to see what’s coming, the ArcGIS Online development team appreciates active participation from its EAC members. Participants should test the new functionality in existing or new workflows, share feedback, and submit bugs when things do not work as expected. The community forum provides a great opportunity to interact with the development team and the community to discuss enhancements, share ideas, ask questions, and suggest new features.  The feedback you provide through the EAC is highly valued by the ArcGIS Online team and influences product development.

It is free to participate in the EAC, but you must have an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription. The EAC has some credits available for testing purposes. The testing organization includes a variety of ArcGIS Online users. Remember others may be able to view the data you add to the organization.

The EAC opens about two weeks before an ArcGIS Online update and closes when the update is released into production. Please join us in testing the new functionality for our next update.


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Lynnae Terpstra manages product marketing for ArcGIS Online.

Scott is a product manager working to make the power of geography accessible to everyone. He spends his time listening to user feedback and working to make ArcGIS Online the best darn SaaS out there.


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