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The GeoForm Graduates

Need to gather some simple information and put it on a map?

The GeoForm is a configurable web mapping application template for form-based data editing of a Feature Service through the web browser. This application allows users to enter data through a form instead of a map’s pop-up, while leveraging the power of the Web Map and editable Feature Services. It can be deployed right from ArcGIS Online using the “Create Map App” workflow or by developers by downloading the code from GitHub.

Since the release as an Early Adopter template in July, we’ve improved the GeoForm by listening to your feedback, user testing the app, and adding some nifty features. We’ve fixed nearly 100 GitHub issues, consisting of feature requests, user experience enhancements, and pesky bugs.

Some of the added features and highlights include:

The Future

We still have a lot to do. Here’s our planned roadmap of enhancements:

Other features we are considering:

Try It Out

It’s now a part of the standard Esri Templates group, so you can start building your very own GeoForm right away.

1. Create an an editable feature service, add features only is recommended. Add this layer to your web map.

2. Share your web map as a web mapping application

3. Use the GeoForm Builder to configure and share your new application

We have heard organizations talk about using this app for a variety of scenarios:

Here’s a sample we put together letting you rate the GeoForm.

We will be monitoring your feedback using the Operations Dashboard.

Also, do you need to create a quick feature service to test this out? Try Option 2 in this blog: How to create a hosted feature service.

Help Us Help You

Please send us your feedback via the GeoFormGitHub, or on the ArcGIS item to help make this template even better. If you’re a developer, we’d like to see your customizations, as well.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your feedback.

About the authors

As a Software Engineer on the ArcGIS JavaScript API Team, I focus on building mapping widgets that provide a great user experience, are well designed and accessible to all users. Feel free to contact me at with questions related to the JavaScript API, Widgets, TypeScript, and development tools.


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