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Back-up data in ArcGIS Online

From time to time, you may want to back up your data in ArcGIS Online. This can be done for archiving purposes or as a preventative measure. Here are a couple methods that can be used to backup data from ArcGIS Online.


Export and download items from My Content

Use this method to save individual copies of data in ArcGIS Online to a local machine from your content page.

Some things to note when exporting items from your content page:

This link provides instructions on How to back up from My Content tab in ArcGIS Online.


Use Python to loop through and download in FGDB format

Using the ArcGIS API for Python, it is possible to export and download every hosted feature service in the organization as a file geodatabase (FGDB) to a location on a local drive. Using this method can automate the downloading of multiple individual files in one process. It can iterate through the list of feature services, generate FGDB title, export, download, and then delete the generated FGDB items from My Content in ArcGIS Online.

Python script
Python Script

Please see this Knowledge Base Article that shows how to automate FGDB downloads of hosted features services using the ArcGIS API for Python.

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