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Workforce for ArcGIS (Windows 10) in beta!

We are pleased to announce that the Windows 10 platform is joining Workforce for ArcGIS, and is available in Beta today! You can download it from the Windows Store right now.

Workforce for ArcGIS was released July 19th and enables a common view in the field and the office. You can create Workforce Projects within your ArcGIS organization, create and assign work to mobile workers, who use the Workforce mobile app that is now available on the iOS, Android and Windows 10 platforms to work through their personal To Do list.

The first beta of the Windows app includes the following features:

We are updating the Android beta version as well so if you are interested in using either of these two platforms, please join our beta program.

Workforce Team

About Jeff Shaner

Jeff Shaner is a Product Lead with over 23 years at Esri.


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