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New Functionality Introduced to Media Map

The October 2019 update of ArcGIS Online features new functionality to the Media Map configurable application template: a time slider and a display swipe tool. The Media Map app is typically used as an interactive map with basic tools and options for more focused map navigation.

The time slider now gives application creators the ability to display data in their Media Map applications cumulatively over a period of time or in intervals. 

This is an example gif of the time slider.

The display swipe enables an interactive experience for the user, allowing them to compare map layers side by side.  

This is a swipe example image that uses voter turnout data.

Time Slider 

The new addition of the time slider allows users to display data temporally in the Media Map template. Map authors can use this new option to display data like crime, weather, or even election results in intervals or progressively over a time period.  

Getting Started 

The first thing that you’ll want to do when using the time slider is confirm that your data is time enabled in the web map that you want to use in the Media Map template. Next, you will configure the time settings in the web map to display the time-enabled data to your liking. Once you have the time settings configured, you are ready to get started assembling the Media Map template to use the Time Slider. The Time Slider parameters are located under the options tab in the configuration panel of the application. Once the Time Slider box is checked, you will see a short list of options for constructing the tool. These options include: 

If you have a map that contains live or recent time data, there is an option that makes it possible to overwrite the web map time settings. This option allows the data to be shown for a specified time duration. The duration options include time and period. For example, you may have a map showing road closures that are being updated daily and you want to see the data displaying consecutively for the next 10 days. The configuration will be Duration Time = 10 and the Duration Period = Days. (See image below) 


In this example below, the Media Map template is being used to convey information about rainfall accumulation in the United States. The precipitation data uses 6-hour time intervals that were configured using the web map time settings. The following web map settings were used for time:  

This is an example of web map time settings.
This is an image of an example of the time slider configuration in the Media Map app.

The following widgets were configured in this Media Map template: 

This is an image that describes the widgets that were configured in the Media Map time slider example.


General tab: 

Current Location: 

Home extent: 

Options tab: 




Search tab: 



Sample Application:

This is a sample application of the time slider.
Find the sample application here:


The display swipe configuration will allow users to easily compare content in a map side by side. The swipe can be used to show things like voting district changes or zip code changes from one year to another. The swipe can also be used to compare imagery. One example of this would be to analyze the differences in shoreline before and after a tropical storm.   

Getting Started 

The display swipe tool is located under the Options tab in the configuration panel of the Media Map template. Once the Display Swipe tool is enabled you have the following options: 

Once the swipe tool is arranged with the desired options, the user can click on the swipe in the application and begin to start comparing the layers on either side of the swipe tool.  

This is an image of the configuration options for the swipe.


This example Media Map template is a representation of how the application can be used in a third-party website using Swipe to compare multiple datasets. These datasets represent the homeless populations of census tracts in Los Angeles county. In the example below the following configurations are used: 


This image provides widget descriptions for the swipe tool.

General tab:

Prevent Map Scroll: 

Splash Screen: 

Options tab:

Layer List:  

Display Swipe Tool:  

Inset Map: 

Search tab:

Search Widget: 


Sample Application:

This is a sample application that utilizes the swipe tool in the Media Map app.
Find the sample application here:

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