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Fight Child Poverty with Demographic Analysis

More children live in poverty in Detroit, Michigan, than in any other city in the United States. In the Fight Child Poverty with Demographic Analysis lesson on the Learn ArcGIS website, you’ll take on the role of a charity that supports community programs and poverty relief efforts. This year, the charity wants to direct its funding toward resources to help at-risk kids in Detroit.

Your objective is to ensure the programs are offered where they’re most needed. To do so, you’ll create a map by adding and enriching a layer of ZIP Codes with demographic data from ArcGIS Online. You’ll also apply smart mapping and style the layer to show median household income by ZIP Code area. Then, you’ll change the layer style to show median household income and child population, to identify which areas have the most children living in poverty. You’ll also configure the pop-ups to make the demographic information easier to read. Lastly, you’ll report your findings to top donors and partner organizations by configuring a web app that tells a clear story based on your data.

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