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Smooshing Graduated Size AND Color into an ArcGIS Online Symbol

My twitter friend (and presumably fellow-Midwesterner) Andy Bonhoffer asked if it was possible to apply graduated scale and color to the same layer in ArcGIS Online. Seemed like a good opportunity to just make a quick how-to about that sort of thing. So if you are curious, behold…

There are a lot of different ways you can make bivariate or multivariate maps in ArcGIS Online. For points, for polygons… Like a lot. Some are official, and some you can hack by just piling up multiple copies of a layer and going to town on them.

Nerd tip: when you use more than one visual dimension for the same attribute, it’s called “redundant cues.” Redundant cues rule. Here is a thing I wrote for teachers/students about multivariate mapping.

And here is a link to an empty Albers Equal Area web map, equal area being a good choice for thematic mapping.

If you are interested in the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index layer I used in the demonstration, here’s a thing where you can explore it.

Happy Multivariate Mapping! John

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