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The BellTopo Sans Font is Available in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer Beta

I created my first publicly available font, released in February 2020. I named this font BellTopo Sans, since it is heavily inspired by the early USGS topos from the late 1800s and early 1900s. You can find out more about the creation of BellTopo Sans and download it here.

You can also use BellTopo Sans in ArcGIS Online’s Map Viewer Beta, which was released last week. Map Viewer Beta gives ArcGIS Online users a new look and a new layout, and I’m pretty excited about using its new tools and features.

Appropriately, the version of BellTopo Sans available in ArcGIS Online’s Map Viewer Beta should be considered a Beta version of the font. At the moment, it includes the upright regular version. On my personal blog, where I enjoy nerding out on mappy things, you’ll be able to download the bold, italic, and bold italic versions, which are each about 90% complete.

Go check it out on Map Viewer Beta, and happy labeling!


BellTopo Sans Regular on styled notebook paper
BellTopo Sans Regular
Map of Alaska using BellTopo Sans font

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