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What’s New in Instant Apps (April 2021): Introducing Portfolio(beta)

The Portfolio (beta) app is a new web app that provides the ability to showcase and navigate multiple items from ArcGIS Online. The app can be used to showcase maps, scenes, and web apps centered on a topic or location. Portfolio uses the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x, which includes support for newer functionality from maps made in Map Viewer and other 4.x apps like ArcGIS StoryMaps and ArcGIS Dashboards. The app offers Auto play and Preload options for navigating through sections, along with the ability to set a location for all maps and scenes. Portfolio also includes a navigation bar to sort and list the sections that have been added to the app.  

Sample Portfolio app

Portfolio is a multipurpose app with a variety of use cases, including a research project based on a specific topic. The Portfolio app can be used as a presentation method to display the results from a project. Another example of how a Portfolio app can be used is in emergency management situations. During an event or emergency, there can be a variety of information products centered on one location. This can include a map forecasting weather patterns, a web app identifying nearby shelters, or a map showing evacuation zones. Portfolio centralizes these items in one location, making the information easily accessible and available in one place. The app is also designed to be viewed on mobile devices. Portfolio will automatically adjust based on the device being used to view it.  

Mobile view of the Portfolio app

Adding sections in Portfolio  


Once a Portfolio app is created, the configuration panel will open. In the configuration panel there are two options for configuring the app: Express setup and full setup. The first step in Express setup is selecting items to display in the navigation bar by either searching for an ArcGIS Online item or adding a URL. In full setup, the options for adding an item is in the Portfolio tab in the left action bar. For each item added, three options will appear:  


Section options in the configuration panel

Currently, Portfolio supports items hosted in ArcGIS Online, including web maps, web scenes, Instant Apps and Configurable Apps, Dashboards, Web AppBuilder apps, Experience Builder apps, and StoryMaps stories. If unsupported content is added via URL, an error message will appear in the configuration panel.  

New options for displaying content 


The layout for the Portfolio (beta) app includes a main stage for apps, scenes, and web apps, along with a navigation bar. The navigation bar is hub for the sections that are added to the Portfolio app along with some tools available in the app. In Express setup and full setup, there is an option to have the navigation bar open upon load of the app. With that setting enabled the navigation bar will showcase the sections in an app for users initially accessing the app.  

For the April 2021 update, there are a few featured settingavailable in full setup to consider for displaying content, including the following: 

Map Location setting in Portfolio app
Auto play setting in the configuration panel


After enabling settings like Auto Play or Location, they will appear as tools that you can enable in the navigation bar. Below is an example of the settings being used in the app: 

Sample Portfolio App


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