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INSPIRE Metadata promotes open data sharing and reuse

This spring, releases of ArcGIS include upgraded support for the latest version of the INSPIRE Metadata v2 style. INSPIRE is the infrastructure for spatial information in the European community. It provides an interoperable framework for sharing spatial data to help address cross-border and pan-European issues. Metadata, data, and services are key components of the directive that help promote open data sharing and reuse.

Making metadata easier

Creating INSPIRE Metadata hasn’t always been easy. ArcGIS lightens that burden with tools tailored to the INSPIRE Metadata v2 style. Importantly, your metadata provide input to the INSPIRE Monitoring process that takes place each year.

New tutorials for ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, and Esri Geoportal Server provide straightforward step-by-step guidance to create metadata that ‘pass’ the INSPIRE Reference Validator. The following tutorials are now available:

Metadata flow with your data

In ArcGIS, your metadata live close to your data, flowing through the system as you publish and share open data. For example, metadata managed in ArcGIS Online is automatically available when items are shared to your ArcGIS Hub open data catalog.

What’s next? This summer, the PSI-2/Open Data Directive implementation takes effect. Beyond INSPIRE, we’re working to make it easier for you to meet your obligations under the Open Data Directive. ArcGIS Hub provides a robust system of engagement and delivery for your open data catalog. ArcGIS Hub already supports data catalog federation with DCAT. Soon, your metadata can continue its flow through to regional open data portals using the European DCAT-AP data catalog vocabulary specification.

Stay tuned!

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