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Working With Multiple Accounts in ArcGIS Online

If you have multiple ArcGIS Online accounts, say a work-related organizational account and a personal Public account, you may want to navigate between them quickly.  In the March release of ArcGIS Online, we introduced a new feature: Switch Accounts. You can use Switch Accounts to link your various accounts and to switch easily between your linked accounts.

There are three ways to sign in to your ArcGIS Online account:

Of these login types, social logins and enterprise logins can be used with multiple ArcGIS Online accounts. If you have ArcGIS Online accounts that use the same login, that is, the same social login or the same enterprise login, you will find that these accounts have been automatically linked when you use Switch Accounts.  If your ArcGIS Online accounts use different logins, you can link them from the Switch Accounts panel by clicking “Link an Account”.

Once your accounts are linked, you can switch between them easily by clicking on the account you’d like to switch to.  If you’re already signed in with your social or enterprise login in the current browser session, you can switch between accounts with a single click.  Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to enter your credentials.

When you visit sites like Support, Training, GeoNet and My Esri, you’ll use your ArcGIS account to sign in.  All ArcGIS Public Accounts have access to sites, whereas organizational accounts require your administrator to grant you Esri Access.  If the account you use to sign in to an site does not have Esri Access enabled, you’ll be presented with a list of your linked accounts that do have access, making it easy for you to select one of them and proceed to the site.

Rest assured that the contents and privileges associated with each of your ArcGIS Online accounts are still separate; they are unaffected by the linking of accounts and continue to be secured through ArcGIS, enterprise or social logins.  The new Switch Accounts user experience simply allows you to navigate between your accounts more easily.

Switch Accounts works excellently with the support for social logins in organizational accounts introduced in December 2016, enabling you to work seamlessly with several accounts without having to remember multiple sets of credentials.

In the June 2017 release of ArcGIS Online, we are streamlining your workflows of navigating between accounts even more by allowing you to remain signed in to an account when you switch to another.

When you sign out, you will have the option to sign out of all of your linked accounts.

For more information on Switch Accounts, visit its ArcGIS Online Help topic.

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