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Introducing ArcGIS Pro SDK Configurations

With the ArcGIS Pro SDK at 1.4, the most significant enhancement is the addition of a new add-in pattern and template which allows you to customize the ArcGIS Pro user interface and user experience at start-up.  It’s an exciting new capability which allows developers to create a focused solution experience for Pro.

Configurations provide:

Essentially, you can think of a configuration as a special type of add-in with all of the capabilities of a traditional add-in, with even more functionality for a customized Pro startup and solution experience.  As configurations are seen as part of an overall solution, you launch one configuration per Pro session, although you can still have multiple add-ins loaded and available from within that session.

Here is a screenshot of a custom Pro start page, from the ConfigWithMap configuration community sample.  The sample shows an interactive geographic view, just one approach to selecting a specific project / or work area.

Some similarities and differences between Pro configurations and traditional Pro add-ins are found below.



The Configurations Template

Configurations are built using the new configuration project template provided in the Pro 1.4 SDK templates in Visual Studio.  The screenshot below shows the new configuration template which appears below the traditional add-in project template.


Once selected, the configuration template creates a number of new, starter project components which developers can begin using with a new configuration.  Here’s a screenshot of the project items that are provided, and a brief description of each:

All of the above items can be used as the starter views and classes for your configuration, and are available immediately for you to build and deploy.


Here are the primary resources on configurations that are now available on the SDK documentation site:

The samples are helpful in demonstrating the different capabilities of a configuration.  Some of the specific features you’ll see with the new ConfigWithMaps community sample:

Here’s a screenshot of the ConfigWithMap sample:

To help you get started, there is also an introductory SDK Configurations video available which includes an overview of the Pro SDK and configurations, with demonstrations of the ConfigWithMap sample and some basic editing of a configuration created from the template.

We look forward to hearing about the new add-ins and configurations that you and your organization develop this year with ArcGIS Pro.

About the author

Chris is a product manager on the ArcGIS Desktop Team, focused on the ArcGIS Pro SDK and helping users achieve their Pro customization goals.

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