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Ready to turn Pro? Get Started with ArcGIS Pro, the new project from Learn ArcGIS, is a great introduction to the software. This online series of lessons walks you step-by-step through the process of both 2D and 3D mapping using ArcGIS Pro.

Based on the real-life phenomenon of tidal flooding in Venice, Italy, the five-part project teaches you how to create a realistic 3D scene of the city from scratch. Along the way, you’ll learn how to start a new map and add, edit, and symbolize feature data. You’ll convert a 2D map to 3D and use high-resolution raster data to accurately depict Venice’s low-lying terrain. Using geoprocessing tools, you’ll conduct an analysis of flooding and create a scene that visualizes your results.

The project provides all the data you need. If you have ArcGIS Pro software, you’re ready to start. Whether you’re a longstanding ArcMap user trying ArcGIS Pro for the first time or a newcomer to ArcGIS, Get Started with ArcGIS Pro will be a turning point in your GIS experience.

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Kyle Bauer

Kyle is a Product Engineer on the Learn ArcGIS team.

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