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ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool Sneak Peek

Want an easy and quick way to discover and deploy ArcGIS Solutions?  Great! Soon you’ll be able to find and deploy many ArcGIS Solutions directly from ArcGIS Pro with a few button clicks using the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool.

If you’re unfamiliar with ArcGIS Solutions, they are a growing  collection of over 400 free and supported configurations included with ArcGIS that enable typical workflows in a set of industries.

The Deployment Tool is similar in concept to finding and deploying templates in commonly used office productivity applications – right from an application you browse or search a list of templates and then download the templates that meet your needs for immediate use.  But the Deployment Tool does much more.  It provisions ArcGIS Solutions to a mapping portal for immediate use by your organization, helps you configure deployed Solutions to better fit your needs and helps you use your data with a Solution.

Many but not all the over 400 ArcGIS Solutions available today will be included in the Deployment Tool.  At release, the Deployment Tool is only capable of deploying Solutions that fully leverage the Web GIS capabilities of ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS.  The ArcGIS Solutions site will continue to be the destination to access the full collection of ArcGIS Solutions.

We plan to release the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool in January 2017 as a download available on the ArcGIS Solutions site.  We will announce the release in this blog.  Until then, here is a sneak peek of the Deployment Tool.  Keep in mind you are seeing a beta version of the Deployment Tool, there may be minor user interface and workflow changes when released.

Using the Deployment Tool

The ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool is an ArcGIS Pro Add-in that enables users to browse a catalog of ArcGIS Solutions and deploy them to an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription or to a Portal for ArcGIS.   At release, the Deployment Tool will require ArcGIS Pro 1.3 or later.  To deploy a Solution, users must have privileges to “create new content” in their ArcGIS Online organizational subscription or their Portal for ArcGIS.

After installation, you will find an ArcGIS Solutions button in the ArcGIS Pro Share Ribbon.  When you launch the Deployment Tool, you are presented with 4 Tasks.

The Deploy ArcGIS Solution task brings up a list of ArcGIS Solutions that can be provisioned to an ArcGIS Online organization subscription or to a Portal for ArcGIS.  The list can be browsed by industry or searched by key word.  The Deployment Tool only needs to be installed one time and the list of Solutions is dynamically managed by Esri.

When you find a Solution, simply press the Deploy Button and in less than a minute the Solution is provisioned to the ArcGIS Online organization subscription or the Portal for ArcGIS you are logged into.  You have must  have “create new content” privileges to deploy.

Once a Solution is deployed it’s ready for production use with the default configuration.  If you need to modify the Solution further to fit your needs use the Configure ArcGIS Solution Task.

If you want to use existing data with the Solution you are deploying, use the Load Your Data task.

The Deployment Tool will make it much easier for you to find and deploy ArcGIS Solutions.  We hope this sneak peek makes you as excited as we are for the release.


ArcGIS Solutions Product Manager

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