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Candy Corn Mountains

Halloween approaches and so does seasonal candy. Is there any candy more seasonal than candy corn? What if you wanted to sweeten up a map. Could you make, say, candy corn mountains?  Of course! Trick or treat your way through these steps.

Find a Volcano

In ArcGIS Pro open a Scene view and look for a volcano.

Vertically Exaggerate

This example is exaggerated 2.5 times. The option to Shade Relative to Light Position is also selected.

Add Terrain

Go to the Living Atlas and select the Terrain Imagery Layer.

Apply a Sickly Sweet Colour Ramp

The break points will need to be adjusted according to your mountain.

Blend it up

Play around with the blend modes to infuse as much sugar into the mountain as you can. My final TOC structure looked like this (read as if looking at the TOC):

Darken the Sky

In the Map Properties select a dark background colour. And there you have it – you have created your own candy corn mountain!

Candy Corn Mountain

Here are some bonus images!

Yummy Candy Corn
Candy Corn Range
Candy Corn Super Range

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