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More Licensing Options for ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro was created from the ground up in order give you the best performance possible from a desktop GIS application. A major aspect of this improved performance is the ability to easily connect to your local and shared data, your co-workers, your clients, and the world. This complete connection is fundamental for the new way of implementing GIS beyond the single desktop machine and even further than a client (desktop) and server connection pattern.

This new, full implementation of ArcGIS allows you to take your work to new levels of efficiency, productivity, mobility, and collaborative sharing. The key to this connectivity is the concept of personal identity within the GIS ecosystem. This identity is created by way of Named Users within the ArcGIS platform, either on premises or in the cloud. A Named User account is how you access ArcGIS Pro and, at the same time, connect to authoritative content, and other GIS users and consumers.

Some users have let us know that while this new model greatly appeals to them and they are implementing it, they would like to have additional options for licensing ArcGIS Pro. We always listen to our users, and because of this feedback, we have created more options for you to license ArcGIS Pro.

With the release of ArcGIS Pro 1.2, licensing administrators and licensed users can choose how they access their software. Some of the new options include concurrent licensing using a license manager and the ability to lock a license for use on only one machine. This familiar licensing model matches what you have been using with ArcMap, and you can still login with your Named User credentials to use ArcGIS Pro in conjunction with your ArcGIS implementation, either on premises or in the cloud. For more information please watch this video:

If you would like more information on ArcGIS Pro or would like to try it free for 60-days, visit:

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