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Working with SAP HANA in ArcGIS Pro

In the Esri Performance Engineering Team, we often work with various new technologies.  We also test spatial data sources that can integrate with our Desktop GIS software.  This allows our users to leverage the powerful visualization and analysis features of ArcGIS Pro with proven relational databases such as SAP HANA.  HANA complements ArcGIS by providing a data platform for spatial, predictive, graph, text, and other SAP offerings with the ability to rapidly query large data volumes.

ArcGIS Pro utilizes Windows ODBC connectivity to link to HANA.  This commonly-used connection type allows you to access SAP HANA instances that may be hosted on-premises, or in the cloud.  Alternately, ArcGIS Pro allows you to easily mash-up HANA data with other spatially-enriched data, such as demographic data from ArcGIS Online’s Living Atlas.

Why does this matter?  ArcGIS Pro is an even more powerful tool for spatial exploration, analysis, and communication when it can easily work with various widely-adopted data sources.  This flexibility allows you to spend more time analyzing your spatial data directly connected to a data source instead of migrating your data elsewhere.

To facilitate working with both products, Esri and SAP have collaborated to produce a tutorial showing the process of connecting and integrating ArcGIS Pro with HANA and performing some advanced demographic analysis.  More information on this is available here, as well as at the UC2017 SAP booth.

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