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If you have downloaded our Utility Network Foundation solutions, you probably have seen a python toolbox called Utility Data Management Support that we include to help adjust the data sources of the maps and assist when defining an APR on top of the UPDM.  We have been working on adding new tools to this toolbox and updating the format to the new ArcGIS Pro toolbox format (atbx).  The updated toolbox was not ready in time to make the 2.9 release, but we wanted to make sure we got these tools in your hands to assist with your implementation.

We are going to continue to improve this toolbox and add tools to assist working with the utility network and the foundation solutions.  As we release updated foundation solutions, we will include this toolbox in those solutions, but if we identify bugs or add new capabilities, we will place updates in the GitHub repo listed below.


You can find the toolbox and its help in this GitHub repository.  The readme provides additional details for each tool.  We have also created a help doc for the Import and Export Matrix tools.  This toolbox will only work with ArcGIS Pro 2.9 or higher.  Below is a quick list of the tools included in the toolbox as of December 2021.

Add Utility Network System Tables: Add the system utility network tables to the map.
Batch Trace: Iterate through the starting points to trace the utility network and use the results.
Build Starting Points: Creates starting points based on a trace configuration.
Calculate Tolerances and Resolutions: Calculate the X, Y, Z, and M tolerances based on a measure unit for systems that will use a linear referencing system (LRS).
Change GDB Spatial Reference: Creates a new file geodatabase in the user-specified spatial reference.
Configure UN Layers: Configures utility network layers by modifying popups and display filters.
Create Association Lines: Creates lines representing utility network associations
Enable APR on UPDM: Creates the script to enable LRS or enables LRS on a UPDM database with a utility network.
Export Matrix: Creates Excel workbooks for visualizing and modifying Utility Network rules and categories.
Import Matrix: Loads the values from the rule and network category workbooks.
Modify Map by Rename and Configure: Applies rename and configuration options to maps based on an asset package.
Select by Association: Expands the current selection in the map based on specified utility network association types and layers.
Summary By Bits: Summarizes records containing a bitwise coded value domain.
Trace results to Trace configurations: Converts arcpy.un.Trace to arcpy.un.AddTraceConfiguration
Update Data Sources: Use this tool to convert the data source of layers in the maps in the current ArcGIS Pro project to a workspace.

We hope you find these tools helpful.  If you find an issue or want to request a new tool, please create an issue in the GitHub repo.

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