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Crowdsourced Mapping for ArcGIS StoryMaps—Easy as 123

Have you ever wanted readers to contribute to your story map? Are you missing Story Map Crowdsource?  Crowdsourcing can be a useful tool for any storytelling project. In fact, it can lead to increased engagement and increased support for your organization. In the new ArcGIS StoryMaps it’s easy to embed a web map that will update in real time. These live maps will keep your story evergreen as readers continue to monitor and submit new content.


Continue reading to learn how you can add user generated content to your next ArcGIS StoryMap 


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Ross Donihue

Ross Donihue is a geographer and visual storyteller. He uses place-based data to engage users through beautiful, informative, and inspiring cartography. He is dedicated to using technologies to make fresh visuals that attract attention, showcase impact, and engage new audiences.


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