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4 things to know about Esri's new Storyteller user type

Esri has just launched a new user type, Storyteller, which provides access to ArcGIS StoryMaps for just $100 per year. With this new option, you can empower all the storytellers in your organization with the ability to create beautiful, inspiring, digital narratives using your ArcGIS web maps and app content.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Storyteller is for people who solely want to make ArcGIS StoryMaps

This user type was designed to enable passionate content creators, marketers, PR teams, writers, and anyone else in your organization to make story maps for an affordable price. Before Storyteller, each user would need a Creator or GIS Professional user type in order to make an ArcGIS StoryMap. Now, the Storyteller user type brings ArcGIS StoryMaps to everyone in your organization.

2. No GIS experience? No problem.

ArcGIS StoryMaps is so simple to use that anyone can make a story map. Use the builder to add media blocks together (videos, photos, text, etc.) into a compelling and interactive narrative that’s easy to publish and share. Your organization’s library of shared content is built right in to ArcGIS StoryMaps, so its easy to leverage the web maps, web scenes, and apps that have been created by others in your story maps. You can also use free public content from the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World in your stories. Or, quickly design your own interactive map with points, pop-ups, and arrows using express maps.

3.  What’s included (and what’s not)

The Storyteller user type offers the ability to make ArcGIS StoryMaps. Because you can embed content created by others in your organization into your story map, it allows view-only access to that content. Like other user types, story maps made with the Storyteller user type can be published and shared publicly, shared only within your organization, or not shared at all. The Storyteller user type does not allow users to create any content with ArcGIS Online or any other ArcGIS apps or products. Esri’s classic story maps templates (Cascade, Map Tour, Map Journal, etc.) can not be accessed with the Storyteller user type. If you’re unsure of which user type is best for you, check out this user type comparison chart that lays out all the user types and what’s included with each one.

4. Storyteller only works within an existing GIS

Because the Storyteller user type is all about enabling new storytellers in your organization to leverage your existing ArcGIS content, there must already be someone with a Creator or GIS Professional user type in your organization. If you would like to try ArcGIS StoryMaps independently for personal development or training, take a look at the ArcGIS for Personal Use license.

The Storyteller user type is available now. It can easily be added to your organizational account by visiting the ArcGIS StoryMaps Pricing page, but if you don’t already have an ArcGIS Online account you can contact your administrator to purchase it on your behalf. For any additional questions on how to sign up, or if you’re not sure who your administrator is, please call 1-800-447-9778 or chat with one of our team members online.

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